Full-Automation Plastic Vacuum forming Machine


Stainless Steel Electric oven: Similar models produced using iron oxide crack and shed at high temperature and waste material falls under the sheet resulting in product obsolescence, contains built in thermal insulation material to minimize heat loss, energy saving effect is remarkable.
Vibration Stripping: It can be arbitrarily adjusted between 0-9 times, twice on the mold and can be used for stripping products without product deformation and cracking. This machine is the best choice for fragile and difficult to mold release products.
Position accuracy: Encoders and the servo control system make positiong accuracy high (accurate to + 1mm).
High production efficiency: By using advanced technology, this machine can produce 0.1 - 2.0mm think sheets and reach high frequency cycles producing 6-15 pieces/min.
Secondary Vacuum: The system with built-in secondary vacuum can make complicated shape products and reduce the reject rate.
Stable and secure operating system: This machine adopts high quality components and tight security to achieve stable operation and is safe and reliable.
High accuracy in the temperature control: Using the modular temperature control system, the temperature can be controlled with high precision and is heat stable.
Rapid cooling: This machine is equipped with air-conditioners; the product ejection mold can be completed in a very short period of time after rapid cooling.
Low defective product: Using advanced configuration, such as the modular temperature control system, vibration stripping, and secondary vacuum and other advanced technology, the product defective rate has been greatly reduced.
Electric synchronous adjustment on die and the on the gate.
Molding Width: 390mm / 710mm
Molding Length: 300mm - 1220mm
Molding Depth: 180 mm
Molding Speed: 6 - 15 times/Min (Depends on the thickness of the sheet)
Electrcity: 380V/220V at 50Hz for Asia/Europe and 480V/575V at 60Hz for North America
Overall Power: 15-40 kW
Vacuum Pump: 15 PHP
Machine Size: 6800mm(L)x1460mm(W)x2800(H)
Machine Weight: 3000kg