Waste Plastic Refinery Equipment

Our Waste Plastic and Tires Refinery Equipment is designed to convert waste plastics, tires and waste oil into Diesel and Gasoline. We make three types of machine specially designed for our process to provide the
requirement of continual operation and fully automatic control.

Our equipment is particularly recommended for industrial waste disposal company, oil production, food factories, Packaging and Styrofoam companies.

Compact Machine Waste Plastic into Gasoline
Features of urban oil fielder
1 Patented high-tech equipment
2 Long-tern continual operation system with automatic feeding and slag
3 Auto operation with LCD touch screen
4 Precision control with PLC
5 Stable temperature treatment
6 Environmental protection and safety
Recycle Materials
Kentech offers these equipment systems that are custom designed with safety and engineering excellence, in 5T, 10T and 15T capacity.