Thick Blister Forming Machine
Main Application.
This machine is mainly used for molding ABS, PP, PS, PVC, EPS, HIPS thick thermoplastics. It is an ideal processing machine designed to produce travel accessories, home appliances, liners, door panels, lighting, bags, decorative pieces, furniture, sanitary ware, lamps, toys, teaching materials, art advertising, traffic signs etc.
Structural characteristics
High production efficiency and convenient operation: Utilizing state of the art PLC and Drive control systems for hydraulic, pneumatic, heating and robotic sheet handling to optimize automatic heating and forming functions.
Produces fitted sheets easily, making less waste, saving materials.
Suitable for punch forming.
Heater uses new infrared heating elements and automatic temperature control to produce uniform heating and minimize power consumption.
The machine is equipped with a chiller allowing the products to cool faster and retain a better shape.
Operator interface panel is designed for ease of use and is fully adjustable to different positions and angles of operation.
Synchronous mode with push button control of limits make adjustments fast and convenient.
Mechanical parameters
Forming area 200×350-720×1200(mm)
Forming width 200-720(mm)
Forming length 350-720(mm)
Forming height 400-700(mm)
Plate thickness 2-10(mm)
Production efficiency 8-25 pieces / hour
Maximum power of upper heater 28-180(KW)
Maximum power of under heater 20-140(KW)
Machine size 680(L) ×860(W) ×320(H)-
Air compressor 7.5KW, displacement 1.0 ㎡/ minute
Total distribution voltage 60-340 KW
Power Supply Both 380V/220V 50Hz and 460V and 600V 60 Hz models available